Ashaway ZyMax 66 Fire Power (Orange) keeled

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  • Brand: Ashaway
  • Product Code: zymax66firepowerreel

93,00 €

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Product Description
+ New Beta Polymer
+ 0.66mm Thick
+ Zymax Weave
+ Highest Fire Repulsion
+ Reduced Tension Loss
+ 200m Reel
+ Orange
Ashaway ZyMax Fire 66 Power is a great badminton racket string that provides the balance of the 66 fire, but swaps a very slight bit of control for a little extra in power. At 0.66mm it provides big power and great durability because of the new Beta polymer.

Beta polymer fibre provides more strength in the weave to maintain more tension and resist breakage.

ZyWeave core helps prevent tension loss during stringing and resting. The braided surface offers superior control by biting into the cork and gripping the shuttle to aid slice.

Ideal for players who want a power string that will last

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